7 Customer Acquisition Strategies Businesses Must Adopt

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7 Customer Acquisition Strategies Businesses Must Adopt

7 Customer Acquisition Strategies Businesses Must Adopt

Designing successful customer strategies depends on understanding the intricacies of India’s consumer landscape. The country has a population of over 1.4 billion across India’s rural and urban locations. People across India have diverse income and cultural backgrounds, hence businesses require a custom approach to acquire customers. A custom approach will help businesses create and maintain long-term relationships and acquire high market share. 

Technological advancements and evolving socio-economic factors represent a massive shift in consumer behaviour. Millennials and Generation Z are the driving force behind high revenues for businesses these days. They want genuine brand experiences, personalised engagement and social consciousness. So, as a business enterprise, build strategies in connection with such customer segments to generate significant business volumes. Market reports estimate that the market size of India’s e-commerce market will likely top $111 billion by 2024.

Here we’ll discuss the strategies that will help businesses acquire customers. 

Here are the Customer Acquisition Strategies 

Businesses must focus on creating custom customer acquisition strategies aimed at acquiring customers and offering them enhanced services. This will help ensure customers stay with businesses for a long time. 

Build Communities Online by Marketing Custom Products

Build social media groups and create dedicated platforms where customers can interact with your brand. They can share feedback and experiences pertaining to their products/services.

Adoption of Sustainable and Ethical Practices

Try to connect with Indian consumers by marketing your brand’s ethical and sustainability values. Adopt eco-friendly practices in packaging & operations and product manufacturing while reinforcing your brand’s commitment or ethical sourcing and social responsibility. This will help create a nice impression among your prospects. 

Build Customer Relationships 

As a business enterprise, acquiring customers is only half the job done! Your responsibility is also to build a long-lasting relationship, which will positively impact your business. So, personalise your communication and offer exceptional customer services by providing subscription-based models and exclusive deals to loyal customers.

Expand Into Smaller Cities and Villages 

You might have your business in the busy streets of Delhi, Mumbai or any other metropolitan city of India. However, don’t stay limited to the same. Expand your geographical reach by tapping into the potential of tier-2 & tier-3 cities along with several towns and villages across India. The increasing purchasing power of people living across these regions presents a strong case for businesses to design products according to their specific needs and preferences. 

Expanding successfully to these regions will likely contribute significantly to business growth. Businesses will need to refine product offerings, marketing strategies and distribution channels to meet the unique customer demands residing in these locations.

Use of Technology for High Customer Acquisition

Adopting advanced technologies such automation, Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence ensures businesses with in-depth knowledge on consumer behaviour. These technologies help businesses personalise marketing efforts, estimate consumer trends and offer tailored experiences.

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence helps businesses offer personalised customer experiences by analysing data and consumer behaviour estimation. Engage customers by using chatbots to offer instant support & personalised recommendations to users based on past interactions. A market report from Accenture, a global technology leader, stated that over 90% of consumers prefer shopping with brands that come with relevant offers & recommendations.

Big Data Analytics

Understanding trends, preferences and market bottlenecks is possible using the vast consumer data sourced through Big Data Analytics. Using data insights, businesses can offer custom products and tailor their marketing strategies efficiently.

Automation Technology

Using automation technologies helps businesses streamline processes, improves efficiency and enables them to offer personalised customer interactions. Automating routines regarding inventory management and others helps businesses focus more on strategic initiatives. 


Building effective customer acquisition strategies is important for every business to thrive in a competitive landscape. People are looking for better choices. So, if your product has something that can help people’s problems, start devising strategies for its launch, marketing and overall promotion across digital and offline channels. The success of your customer acquisition strategy also depends on your workforce. Their skills, experience and overall expertise guide your business to the top. 

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