Sharing Insights on India's Workforce Dynamics

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Sharing Insights on India's Workforce Dynamics

Sharing Insights on India's Workforce Dynamics

India’s workforce dynamics have been changing all the time. Especially after the pandemic, the work-from-home culture has taken centre stage. Many of them are rooting for work that helps them earn and enjoy quality time with their families. Technology may be the most lucrative sector for job seekers, but the sectors that hire the most include manufacturing, automotive, BFSI, retail, and travel & tourism. While a permanent workforce will be on, the need for a temporary workforce will gain prominence. Here are some dynamics that will dominate the workforce space. 

Let’s Check Out the Dynamics

The landscape is evolving as business needs are changing, drifting more towards flexibility than the static of earlier times. Here’s a quick round of the dynamics. 

Digitisation is Fast Catching 

Digitisation is fast catching among the youth. So many apps have emerged, prompting employers to tap into those channels to find a suitable workforce for various works. For example, people lying at the bottom of the workforce pyramid may not remain active on traditional job platforms, they might be watching reels and videos on entertainment platforms. Companies can thus tap into those platforms with their job offers and get them onboarded. It’s about being awake to the situation and responding aptly and quickly. 

Increased Inclination Towards Flexible Work Options 

Flexible work options are increasingly sought by modern-day youngsters. They want work, but at the same time, want time for their families. Work-from-home culture is one of them. Other flexible work options include hyperlocal delivery services, setting up of QR codes at merchant establishments, field executives for banking and other product sales, etc. There are many platforms such as reBLISS that help people grab these exciting work opportunities at the earliest. Most of these jobs can land people with earnings almost at par with those doing work in a traditional setting.  

Soft Skills Matter More Now

There’s no denying the importance of hard work skills in shaping people’s careers. But as the world advances, the need for soft skills regardless of the sector one wants to join remains immense and intense. Soft skills refer to thinking creatively and proactively to find solutions to the problems people may face while working. So, mapping the mindset of customers and fellow colleagues is critical to ensuring enhanced performance, resulting in businesses achieving high sales and increased customer loyalty. 

The AI Disruption 

In a country where the workforce is scattered all over, spotting credible talent on time remains a stiff challenge for organisations of all scales. Thanks to the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, things are fast getting automated in India’s workforce sphere. Smart AI technologies are helping businesses spot the able and required workforce. Job portals are increasingly using AI technologies to even create resumes for people in seconds. India’s workforce landscape has become more buoyant than ever! 

Cross-industry Learning 

Cross-industry learning will likely gain prominence offering working professionals beyond knowledge. It helps them develop wide perspectives and fuels creative thinking in them. In today’s disruptive AI world, having the same is paramount to achieving success. So, if you are in retail sales, no harm in understanding the dynamics of sales in FMCG, food chains and alike. It only boosts your knowledge and opens up new opportunities. 

Bottom of the Workforce Pyramid Gains Prominence

Jobs for the bottom of the workforce pyramid are coming out in large numbers these days. Companies are hiring them on a large scale to deliver urgent projects or meet the peak festive season demand. Jobs such as delivery executives, store executives, field sales executives, construction technicians, loaders, plumbers and others are in high demand. These jobs often come with attractive payments. 

The Bottom Line 

India’s workforce continues to thrive in a competitive business landscape where innovation and flexibility are the hallmarks. Advanced technologies will continue to shape the direction of India’s workforce. If you are someone eyeing exciting job opportunities, contact reBLISS - a platform allowing you to choose from a wide range of work. Sign up now!

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