Types of Jobs Available in the Banking and Insurance Sector

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Types of Jobs Available in the Banking and Insurance Sector

Types of Jobs Available in the Banking and Insurance Sector

The banking and financial services sector, consisting of large to small units, is expected to reach US$ 89.1 billion by 2027, creating immense opportunities for youth in the same. Freshers coming out after pursuing their education degrees will likely find maximum jobs in the banking and insurance sector. Job profiles such as field sales or field marketing are also available for those pursuing education. It’s a sector that welcomes all who love interacting with customers and can deliver strong sales numbers. This blog sheds light on the opportunities youngsters can get in the banking and insurance sector. Let’s begin!

Here’s a List of Jobs Available in the Banking and Insurance Sector

Those looking to begin their career in the banking and insurance sector should be ready to work as telecallers, sales representatives, cashiers and related profiles. Knowing the job responsibilities of each of these positions is pivotal to outstanding performance the moment you start working. Let us brief you on the same.


Telecalling work is much in demand in an era where banks and insurance companies can’t stop offering exciting loan, credit card  and insurance deals to customers. While field sales still remain active, there’s an increasing tendency among financial services players to create a team of telecallers to sell financial products. In today’s times when banks and insurance companies collaborate with online aggregators, demand for telecallers is high. 

Telecallers need to call the customers and inform them about the products banks and insurance companies offer. They need to identify customer needs before pitching the product that suits them. As a telecaller, you need to demonstrate product expertise, strong communication skills, a sense of adaptability, critical thinking, and computer skills to be successful. You will have periodical sales targets to achieve. Setting your priorities in advance will help you achieve them on time. Upon accomplishing the targets, telecallers will get incentives at a predefined rate.

Sales Representatives 

Sales representative jobs are one of the most preferred ones in the financial services sector. Many youngsters apply for this job and grow in their respective careers. Like telecallers, sales representatives also need to sell banking and insurance products to customers. The difference is that sales representatives will have to call the customers as well as meet them outside for sales activities. 

Depending on the particular bank or insurance company, sales representatives will get customer leads on their emails. They will need to contact customers and pitch them the product that suits their needs. Sales representatives will need to display interpersonal skills, communication skills, a client-centric approach and product expertise to excel in their careers. They will have sales targets on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis. Achieving these targets will help sales representatives reap the benefit of incentive payouts.

Insurance Agents

This is one of the most flexible jobs one can get in the insurance industry. It does not act as a typical job, rather it allows one to start their business. Here insurance companies hire insurance agents who sell the former’s insurance products to customers and receive commission for the same. No salary, but hefty incentives. It’s like a partnership with an insurance company. However, listening to customers’ queries and responding to them with a sense of empathy is pivotal to ensuring maximum business. Creating strong networks in society through effective communication is key to becoming successful insurance agents in India. 

Cashiers or Tellers

Despite the emergence of the digital economy, bank and insurance offices still witness a large number of customer footfalls. They come to deposit cash, cheque or several other transactions. Banks and insurance companies need to hire cashiers or tellers to handle high customer footfalls. So, if you have persuasive communication and can handle people’s queries and transactions, you are the right pick for a cashier or teller job. 

Depending on the requirements, cashiers or tellers may have to cross-sell certain financial products too. By offering customers excellent services, you can always connect with them to know their various other needs. Once you spot such needs, pitch a financial product that suits them. Remember, it’s about deepening ties with customers on a personal level, resulting in enhanced business and exciting career growth opportunities. 


India’s banking and insurance sector is full of jobs for youngsters, especially in the sales domain. These jobs come with attractive payments based on performance. If you want such jobs, contact reBLISS, a platform that connects skilled professionals like you with banks, insurance companies and several other organisations for a variety of tasks. Sign Up Now!

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