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Career Path in Sales

Career Path in Sales

Sales is a lucrative career option. For everyone, the career path in sales follows a similar trajectory depending on their performance. In a highly competitive environment, sales jobs provide high salaries and commissions along with attractive job titles that attract youngsters to sales careers. If anyone starts their career in sales, they enter a world of new opportunities and high earnings. However, with different industries and several opportunities, it might be hard to select the perfect one for you. There are several types of sales in the market, as per the business needs and ecosystem. These sales are - direct sales, indirect sales (B2B and B2C), enterprise sales, agency-based sales, door-to-door sales, etc. Different sales pitches require different sales strategies to generate potential business leads. In every type of sale, a common trait is needed of a sales professional i.e. to convince the person before you to buy your product. With time, salespeople grow in their career ladder, in which they gain the necessary knowledge, skill sets and sharpen themselves to achieve more success. 

Here is the list of common sales positions and career paths for salespeople. Let's have a look! 

Some Common Sales Positions 

If you want to grow your career in sales. This blog is going to explain the direction of the career path in sales you could take. Some common roles across the sales industry include

  • The Lower-level Management: Sales Executive and Senior Sales Executive.
  • The Middle-level Management: Sales Team Lead, Branch Sales Manager and Regional Sales Manager.
  • The Top-level Management: Deputy General Manager/Director Sales, AVP Sales, Vice-President Sales and Sales Director.

Some Essential Skills Required for a Lucrative Career in Sales 

Sales Executive and Senior Sales Executive

Sales executives are freshers who just join sales to start earnings. The roles and responsibilities of sales executives involve simple counsellor work, customer representative work or other sales-related work. Simply, sales executives work to promote products or services to the consumer to make effective sales. Salespersons contact directly with customers to answer their queries, offer advice and introduce new products in the market. Some crucial skills needed to become an effective sales executive are confidence, maturity, perseverance, patience, interpersonal skills with commercial awareness and knowledge of the market. The main skill set needed in sales is data tracking and analysis as it comes under the number-driven department. 

Once you work effectively as a sales executive, you achieve success in your sales ladder and grab senior-level sales executive roles. As a senior sales executive, you need to maintain effective sales and make healthy relationships with customers. You need to ensure sales targets are accomplished on time and maintain this consistency. You also need to handle and maintain the team using the expertise you gain during the sales executive role. An effective senior sales executive needs to have an effective skill set including emphasising excellence, presentation skills, client relationships, prospecting skills, meeting sales goals, negotiation skills, team building/leading skills, self-motivation for sales, along with creativity to make a persuasive pitch, sales planning, etc. 

Sales Team Lead 

After struggling in the first phase of the sales ladder, you reach mid-level positions like sales team lead. When you reach this phase, you have overall knowledge about the products and services and you know how to grow sales to help businesses increase revenue. However, this section comes with different roles and responsibilities. Now you need to show what you have learned and also learn new skills that help you thrive in mid-level management. Sales team leads need to guide sales executives who work hard to bring sales. They need to give proper directions to bring more sales and surpass the expectations of the customers as well as the business. The team lead also needs to check that the customers are handled by the team accurately. They have more conversions with the team members and the upper management compared to the customer. 

Effective communication skills, a positive attitude, analysing and interpreting the sales data, and identifying the problem and their improvement areas are the must-have skills as a Sales Team Lead. Leads also need to keep an eye on the team to monitor their work. After that, they achieve more growth in their career path, such as sales manager, regional sales manager and other higher-level roles. Depending on the skill set and time you spend in the sales field, you grow from an entry-level executive to a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) too. 


There are several lucrative career options in the sales field. A career in sales offers unlimited earning potential, great fulfilment and flexibility. If you want to build your career in sales, create an account on reBLISS - where you get sales work across various industries such as retail, FMCG, banking, etc.  

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