Opportunities for Youth in India's Logistics Industry

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Opportunities for Youth in India's Logistics Industry

Opportunities for Youth in India's Logistics Industry

In today’s digital era, everyone lives a hectic schedule. Amid the same, individuals want comfort, something like shopping. Nothing feels better than when you order some items online and they reach your place without you stepping out from your comfort. That’s why, there is a significant advancement everyone can see in India’s logistics industry. 

People utilise logistics services in many ways, whether they want groceries or other household products, they get all in their hands by a delivery partner. The growth of the logistics industry is not just helping people by delivering their products but also increasing growth opportunities for youth in upcoming years. 

As per TeamLease Services, a staffing firm report, the logistics industry is going to add 10 million jobs by 2027 even though the logistics firm is growing at a 12% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR). The logistics industry's advancement is opening doors for youth; they can utilise them to achieve success. Some of the growing opportunities for youth in logistics industries are - 

Delivery Partners 

With the increased usage of smartphones in rural to urban areas, people prefer online shopping. For that, businesses need to add delivery partners that help pick up orders and deliver them to customers' hands. This increases the opportunities for youth to be hired as logistic partners. The delivery executive performs the duty of picking orders and delivering them to customers. In coming years, the delivery partner job opportunities will increase and help youth choose the same. 


The logistics industry is not only finished by picking and delivering the parcel to the customers on time. It involves several other processes including packaging the orders. If there's any delay in packaging the orders, the delivery executive will suffer. So, with the increasing demand for online shopping, the logistics industry needs to hire youth for packaging work. They help pack orders on time and follow all necessary guidelines. 


After packing, the next step in order delivery is loading. Loaders take parcels and load them in the delivery vehicles. With increasing delivery orders, businesses need to recruit youth to work as loaders. Loaders pick up the packed parcel and then load it in a delivery vehicle. Loaders not only load the delivery items but also unload the trucks, trailers or shipping containers. 

Warehouse Personnel

If the order delivery date is far from the present time, businesses need to put the parcel in the warehouse perfectly. This needs skilled warehouse personnel, who have the proper warehouse maintenance knowledge. They utilise their skills in maintaining the warehouse as per the orders they are going to deliver. So that loaders can easily understand where they pick parcels to load in a vehicle. This ensures fast and effective delivery. That's why the logistics industry will raise demand for warehouse personnel. 


In the future, the logistics industry will show more growth and open up opportunities for the youth in India. If you are searching for logistics industry work, contact reBLISS, a platform where people find work across various categories in logistics such as delivery partners, loaders and more. Contact Now! 

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