Strategies to Motivate Sales Workforce

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Strategies to Motivate Sales Workforce

Strategies to Motivate Sales Workforce

Growing businesses demand effective sales of products and services. For that, they need to build a hardworking sales workforce. In a company, a sales manager or director can influence their sales team by improving their skills and motivating them. Improving the skills of salespersons is a long process. By evaluating the performance of the sales team and comparing them to a successful end state, companies can find out which areas need improvement and work on them. But making employees motivated every time can be harder. Not only due to external factors but every person needs a different approach to get motivated. 

Most sales leaders and managers work on finding ways to motivate and skill development for their sales workforce. In this blog, we are going to share some strategies by which organisations can keep their employees motivated. 

Build Trust with the Sales Team 

As Juliana Vergara said, “ Trust is a currency; you can't afford to invest in it. Interestingly enough, trust can only be built, maintained, and repaired through conversations”. 

It's true that without trust salespeople may not be able to do their work with full energy. If the sales team doesn’t trust the company, they may not work with their heart, and it will be difficult for them to feel inspired and driven by their work. When salespeople are unmotivated, companies won't be able to inspire them unless they open a path for conversation about their challenges and goals. Something that needs trust between the company and the salesperson. Companies need to motivate their sales team and need to maintain it by engaging with them in a consistent, nurturing fashion. Transparency is a key that helps build trust. 

Understand the Behaviour of Your Sales Team 

“Human behaviour is an enormously complex set of things, and that mixture of underlying things is different for different people, so it's not just complex, it's meta-complex,” said Vivienne Ming. 

This means it's not easy to understand human behaviour. It changes as per the situation humans are in. But to proceed with everything as per the plan, companies need to understand their sales team's behaviour. Understanding behaviour makes companies know more about their sales team and it ultimately improves sales. 

Understand Your Sales Team's Personal and Professional Goals 

As a sales manager, you cannot motivate salespeople unless you understand what drives them. So, conduct meetings and have an open communication channel with your sales team to accomplish what your sales team needs in their personal and professional lives. 

Karen Casey said, “One part at a time, one day at a time, we can accomplish any goal we set for ourselves.” 

Goals are set to accomplish. Conduct meetings and some open questions and answers programs with your sales team for open communication to understand what exactly they want in their life. This helps them feel motivated and engaged. 

Figure Out the Issues 

Companies need to find out the issues before implementing solutions to improve them. Once Robert H. Schuller said, “Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines”. So, once they recognise the problem, they have a clear understanding of what to do to resolve it. This inspires salespeople and makes them generate sales processes for products and services. 

Offer Opportunities for Growth and Development 

Once companies understand their sales representatives' goals, start making plans around them. This helps companies provide sales representatives with great growth and development opportunities. Companies can open opportunities and doors for their salespeople so that they visualise more growth and development in the future.

Give Financial Incentives 

Companies can also motivate employees by offering them some financial incentives. These may include spot bonuses, contests, or higher commissions. Companies can also set compensation plans for the best performers. 

 As Jonas Salk said, “The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more”. This means companies provide rewards to their salespeople so that they feel more engaged and important. That motivates them, leading to enhanced sales. 


These are some tips companies can use to motivate their sales representatives. If you want sales representatives for your organisation, contact reBLISS - a digital platform where people come to seek sales, logistics, QR codes and several other opportunities.

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