Tips to Increase the Sales of FMCG Products

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Tips to Increase the Sales of FMCG Products

Tips to Increase the Sales of FMCG Products

In the competitive FMCG market, delivering higher sales can be a difficult task for businesses. To make optimum sales of FMCG products, whether it's personal durables, food & beverages or household care, businesses need to manage effective volume and the price of products to achieve desired sales targets. The FMCG business is growing rapidly due to the adoption of the latest technology to fulfil customer needs. However, the changing technology and customer needs make FMCG businesses adopt new things that help attract customers and increase sales. In this blog, we are going to explore some new strategies that help increase sales of FMCG products. Read it till last and improve your FMCG product sales. 

Consider Dealer Margin 

Whenever FMCG businesses want to enter a new market or wish to promote their brand or product, they must define the margin of dealers, who are going to buy their products with cash or credit to dispense it further. Also, you need to understand that your dealer may offer a discount to its customers, so keep this in your pricing strategy. As an FMCG business, if you want to encourage your dealer to purchase more products, offer them a quantity discount. With that, businesses also offer them a certain commission in the form of cash or products after a dealer reaches a certain threshold in terms of revenue.

Maintain Proper Supply 

Try to maintain your FMCG business as dealers will be more interested in a well-established supply chain and reputable businesses. No one wants to impact their business image as late deliveries may lead to a poor business reputation. 

Understand Your Customer Needs 

In the developing world, the needs of customers are also changing rapidly. These buying habits make FMCG businesses understand their consumer’s behaviour towards your product. Try to learn new strategies to learn more about changing customer needs. Once you understand your customer, you need to create a strategy that helps capture market share and position yourself as a market leader.

Boosts Sales Effectively 

In the FMCG business, sales are the most significant element for their growth. The business needs to have a proper system to perform and manage its sales basket. For more qualified leads, try to build unique strategies. Once you achieve qualified leads, create a customised system to manage your leads. This ensures you make more sales strategies and modernise the sales process to manage leads effectively.

Make Strategies for Bottom-up Savings 

Just by increasing sales and the company revenue does not mean that your FMCG business will continue to churn good numbers. To generate more profits, organisations need to have proper control over operational costs. So, manage sales and put suitable processes in place to save on unwanted costs. 


Promotion is one of the most powerful marketing strategies that all businesses choose to implement. If you think that constantly lowering prices is the right strategy to attract customers, you are wrong! Without an effective plan, customers may evaluate your discounted products as poor quality and therefore buy from other brands. So, try to give discounts at the right time and to the right customer group. Like if your target customers are not interested in your products, they will ignore your products and your campaign will fail. That’s why FMCG businesses must promote their products with effective discounts to their customers. 

Run Loyalty Programs 

For all businesses, it's crucial to have loyal customers. The FMCG industry consists of products with shorter life cycles. That's why many customers repeat their purchases. If you fail to do so, your customers are more likely to start looking at your competitors’ products. This makes your company suffer as it may lose a lot of profit. These things make FMCG businesses build loyal customers who are going to help them grow. 

Offer After-Sale Service 

The most crucial strategy for FMCG businesses is that they can put the reliability, approachability and convenience of after-sale services in place. Try to be easily accessible to the customer and reply to their queries, especially the adverse ones. There's a chance that happy and satisfied customers will more likely bring more customers, helping the business grow further. 


To make more sales, FMCG businesses need to make effective strategies outlined in this blog. It’s important to have different plans in place to deal with the sudden change in consumer demand. Emerging demands require establishing an effective workforce that will help achieve the same. Enrol on reBLISS - a smart platform that facilitates businesses with skilled workforce for FMCG, logistics, retail and several other businesses.

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